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Richelle Ylagan

District Manager, Indonesia
Started with DEI in 2008

Richelle started her journey back 2008 when she joined as a photographer in Aquaventure Waterpark, Atlantis, Dubai. Within 18 months she was promoted to Site Manager. In 2014 Richelle was asked to support local UK teams with the opening of two locations. She also helped open the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore location. In 2014 Richelle received her second promotion as an Area Manager and later went to Las Vegas to open the Flamingo Pool operations.

She managed multiple sites in Dubai such as Atlantis, Burj Khalifa, Ski Dubai, Dubai Mall Aquarium and more. In 2016 she transferred to the Maldives as a District Manager responsible for Resort photography. In 2017 Richelle transferred to her current location, Bali, Indonesia as a District Manager. Richelle says that, “DEI has had a tremendous impact on my life. I used to be more introverted, but now I am a confident and professional manager.” Visit site

Nozer Jokhi

Information Technology Manager, Malaysia
Started with DEI in 2005

Nozer's journey with DEI started on 2005 as an IT Technical Specialists. He was one of the few who were given a chance to be sent overseas for training. In the same year, the team geared up to open its first site in Dubai. As the first site opened, the second site was already in process and so on with future sites. The most exciting adventure was yet to come for Nozer; opening our first site in Asia. The rate of expansion was unbelievable. As DEI expanded, so did the challenges for Nozer. There were technical problems that had him questioning if he had chosen the right field. DEI not only gave him the chance to travel but also gave him the chance to work with amazing people who selflessly shared their experienced. From these challenges, Nozer improved his skills and gained a greater understanding of his work. Nozer says, "There is a fulfilment that I feel every time a site opens on time and closes the day’s business without any downtime."